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SzOTE KIL (László Almási, Zoltán Nemessányi)

Gamma Works (Ádám Billing, Béla Kári)

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The improvement of the SEGAMS system that made possible to automate the image acquisition and evaluation. The system could be generated in different languages as well.

SEGAMS, as most other similar systems, has English tables and messages. Since the system is mostly used by assistant staff, we found it necessary that they could „communicate” with the system in their own language. SEGAMS-80 was the first nuclear medicine system in the world that made it possible. In addition to English, German, Russian and Hungarian versions were also created. To create a new version, only the text-library needed to be translated and linked.

SEGAMS-80 showed improvements in other areas as well. The number of basic functions significantly increased, many of which allowed quantitative evaluation as well.

Standardized routine examinations could be built into the system in the form of predefined study modes, so their execution could be initiated by a short communication. The evaluation for each predefined study mode can be built in as a complex program. In the simplest case – when the evaluation program does not contain branches – the complex program (apart from some syntactic symbols) is identical to the character sequence typed in through a manual evaluation, therefore, doctors can create complex programs to help their evaluation work without any prior computer knowledge.

Brain perphusion

Sum image with ROIs, time/activity curves (original and fitted)

Dynamic liver study (HIDA)

Sum image with ROIs, time/activity curves


Paramertic scans

ROIs and time-activity curves


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Medical Applications