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SzOTE KIL (László Almási, Zoltán Nemessányi)

Gamma Works (Ádám Billing, Béla Kári)

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MicroSEGAMS is an AMIGA-based system to perform and evaluate isotope-diagnostic studies. It was created using the experiences with SUPER-SEGAMS.

MicroSEGAMS is an AMIGA-based diagnostic system written in C. It contains as procedures most functions of SUPER-SEGAMS. Using these procedures we have developed organ- and disease-oriented clinical programs. The system includes an interpreter that provides the user a relatively simple programming facility. It is also possible to write user programs in C.

MicroSEGAMS is able to accept data from other systems using the system-independent INTERFILE format, and similarly, data created by MicroSEGAMS could be processed in other systems.

Thanks to the superior computation capacity of the AMIGA the system could be used to produce and process tomographic and whole-body studies. It also allowed the generation and display of (even 3D) parametric images that give a good overview of the changes in the human body.


Myocardial perphusion study (planar from three directions)

Whole body study

Ventriculography in equilibrium

Combined regional cerebral blood flow and volume study

Myocardial infarct
3D Phase and Amplitude images

László Csernay, Eörs Máté, Árpád Makay, Attila Kuba, Marianna Dudásné Nagy, Béla Kári, György Margitfalvy, Ádám Billing: microSEGAMS © User Manual Ver. 4.24 Gamma Technical Corporation, Budapest, July, 1998, Editor: György Margitfalvy

Árpád Makay, Eörs Máté, Attila Kuba, Marianna Dudásné Nagy: microSegams Developer manual. Szeged, Hungary May, 1990

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