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Department of Radiology (László Csernay, Lilla Kardos)

Department of Medical Informatics (László Almási, Zsolt Sóti, Zsuzsanna Molnár)

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SZOTE-PACS is the Picture Archiving and Communication System of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University. It is able to collect studies from CT, MR, SPECT, US and modalities and convert them into DICOM format.

The aim of the development was to provide an archiving system, which can be used for education an for the routine consultation discussions. The modalities at the Medical University are in different clinics and buildings. They work on different computational platforms (PC, Unix, Macintosh, e.t.c.) and use different output formats (TIFF, Interfile, ACR-NEMA, DICOM) for the studies. The university network seemed to be good enough for the data transfer at expexted rate. We could solve the problems originated from the different platforms and formats by using converter stations (mostly PCs) between the modalities and the university network. In this way SZOTE-PACS can collect studies from CT, MR, NM, US and SPECT modalities, from X-film scanners and, furthermore, from any stations having Internet connection and being able to communicate according to DICOM standard. The modalities are connected to the university network mostly through converter stations. The main component of the system is the central server receiving and archiving the DICOM studies from the network. The studies can be presented and processed on the workstations. All stations are connected to the system via NFS or FTP and, in certain cases, via DICOM protocol.

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