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Early years


SzOTE KIL (László Csernay)

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Detecting changes in images acquired by a scintigraph about the distribution of radioactive isotopes is a difficult task. Image processing attempts were made to improve the detection of changes.

The scintigraph Scintikart Numerik scanned the selected region row-by-row. At certain positions it stopped and measured the gamma radiation, then moved on. It printed the intensity of gamma radiation at the measurement points in the form of two-digit numbers. It was very difficult to recognize pathological changes in these „images”. To improve recognition, we did experiments to different kinds of processing of these images and to present them on an alpha-numeric printer.

Kidney scan made by Scintikart Numerik

Original liver scan

Smoothed liver scan

Liver scan after the "vectorgradient" process

Liver scan after the "rest table" process


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Medical Applications